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Just like when selling a home, we encourage our buyers to interview a few REALTORS once they have decided to buy. Buying a property is a team process, and it is essential that you are comfortable with who you are working with. We truly value our relationships with our clients and want this process to be an enjoyable experience.

Top 10 Reasons why Kristen L Meyer & Associates is the best choice to help you buy your property in Grand County.

  • Over a decade at the Top- – Kristen L Meyer is the #1 selling agent in the Winter Park area since 2007. In 2016, Kristen closed over $50 million in real estate in Grand County. This experience and repetition truly helps Kristen be prepared to help you understand the market, whats available and what has sold. Meet Kristen
  • Team of 4 – Why settle for one realtor to help you thought the process when you can hire an entire team! Our team is built with our clients’ satisfaction in mind. When you work with Kristen L Meyer you are not only working with Kristen but with her team of associates as well. With a strong team of four you can rest assured that all the pieces of the real estate puzzle are being taken care of at all times. There will always be someone available to take your call or respond to your email. Weather you need a recommendation for a local painter or your dream home is under contract and you have a question about an upcoming deadline; we are here to help.
  • Certified Negotiation Expert- CNE is one of the top designations in real estate. Kristen earned her CNE and has extensive knowledge of many negotiation techniques and understands the psychology of buying and selling. This helps Kristen when it comes to negotiating your offer. All with the intention of achieving the best outcome for you!
  • Grand County List of Services- our team compiled an extensive list of anything and everything you could need once you own a home in Grand County. Https://issuu.com/kristenmeyer/docs/list_of_services_final we always have a recommendation for any local service provider in just about any trade. Having worked in the real estate industry in Grand County for over 19 years Kristen has an excellent repoire with many service providers. Weather you just went under contract and need a lender recommendation or your family is coming to visit last minute and you need a housekeeper stat, we have someone who can help!
  • RE/MAX Peak to Peak Team- Our office as a whole also functions as a team. We communicate often and work together to solve problems, find the right properties for our buyers and when needed take care of each others clients. In addition, working with Kristen’s extensive current and past client database gives you the insiders edge to be in the know about potential properties for sale.
  • Local Advantage- Kristen and Nick have lived in the Winter Park area since 1999. They have accumulated a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Grand County Real Estate market. They know what price points are hot, which properties make the best rentals, the challenges building presents in the high country, various amenities offered in the many neighborhoods & subdivisions, which HOAs are stronger than others, etc. This knowledge can only come from experience and time.
  • With a degree from Notre Dame and accounting background, Kristen has the ability to help you understand the numbers and the past solds and how that information relates to the property you are interested in. This information is invaluable to our buyer by helping gain comfort that buying is the right decision for their family.
  • Kristen has a technical mind and writing a solid, clean, properly prepared contract is important to her and should be incredibly important to you as a buyer as well.
  • Kristen L Meyer & Associates has built an incredible database of information on all the local subdivisions and HOAs which when it comes time to decide on a property can be critical information to have at your fingertips. You will want to understand the covenants, rules, budget and financial status of the HOA you are going to become involved with.
  • Lastly, Kristen loves what she does and she wants more than anything for you to find the right property for your family to love. She is very patient and knows that this can take some time. She has perfected the process of keeping you posted while being respectful of your time and privacy. She just wants you to know she is there when you are ready whether that is now or whether you are just starting to look and it might take a few years!

Purchasing a property is most likely the biggest financial decision you will ever make. Whether this is your first purchase or you are an experienced buyer, this decision must be made carefully

Why Do You Want To Buy?

Are you tired of paying rent? Have you decided to pay your own mortgage and not your landlord’s? Have you outgrown your current home? Are you looking for an investment portfolio? Are you looking for a rental property? Would you like a larger yard? Would you rather live in a different area? Do you want to shorten your commute? Having a clear sense of your reasons for buying will help you choose the right property.

Has Your Income Grown?

Property ownership is an excellent investment; whether you are looking for your dream home, a rental property, or to expand your investment portfolio. Owning real estate is one of the least risky ways to build equity or to obtain a greater return on your initial investment.

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