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Giving Back

We are grateful for the opportunity to live in such a special place. The small town environment fosters a deeper connection to the community. Here is a brief summary of the causes we support:


  • Board Member and past Board President of the Colorado Headwaters Land Trust. The Colorado Headwaters Land Trust (www.ColoradoHeadwatersLandTrust.org) is a land conservation organization aimed at preserving 1) Scenic Open Space 2) Wildlife Habitat 3) Ranching and Agricultural heritage, and 4) Historical elements in Grand County through the use of Conservation Easements. In our minds, this is a way to help balance and preserve deserving property as the natural development and growth consumes land steadily in Grand County.
  • Longstanding committee member of Grand County Ducks Unlimited, a subchapter of the national Ducks Unlimited organization protecting, preserving and enhancing wetlands in Colorado, the US and North America.
  • Sponsorship of Fraser Rodeo
  • Pet Pals
  • Advocates
  • GCBOR Scholarship Fund Donors
  • Mountain Family Center
  • Grand Kids
  • Fraser Valley Hockey Association
  • Grand Foundation
  • Memberships in the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Mule Deer Foundation, Trout Unlimited, Colorado Bowhunters Association.
  • Some of our favorite gives are the Girl Scout face to face sales, or kids fundraising for a school cause!

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