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Top 10 Reasons to list with Kristen L Meyer & Associates

  • There are many different philosophies that realtors adopt in regards to marketing. Some focus on marketing their company in order to bring buyers in to buying their listings. Kristen L Meyer & Associates focuses our marketing efforts and budget on our individual listings. We feel that by marketing our listings to their fullest potential we in turn marketing our brand and ourselves. For instance we highlight all our listings on our website. We want buyers to call us if they are interested in your home as we are best qualified to answers their detailed questions. We believe that your agent is the one who should receive the buyer leads on your listing not just whoever is up for the next lead in a larger company. This philosophy has been exceptionally successful. This is a very distinct difference between Kristen L Meyer & Associates and their competitors.
  • Over a decade at the Top- -Kristen L Meyer has been the #1 selling agent in the Winter Park area since 2007! In 2016, Kristen closed over $50 million in real estate in Grand County. She has closed more luxury, $1 Million+, properties in the last decade than any other Grand County real estate broker. This experience is invaluable to her sellers.
  • Team of 4- Why settle for one realtor list your property when you can hire an entire team! Our team is built with our clients’ satisfaction in mind. When you work with Kristen L Meyer you are not only working with Kristen but with her team of associates as well. With a strong team of four you can rest assured that all the pieces of the real estate puzzle are being taken care of at all times. There will always be someone available to take your call or respond to your email. Whether you need a recommendation for a local painter or your property is under contract have a question about an upcoming deadline; we are here to help. Through our team collaboration and synergy we are able to employ a dynamic, comprehensive approach to marketing & advertising your property. In addition, many of our sales occur in house through our extensive current and past client database. Once your home is under contract our team will guide you through the complicated paperwork involved, from the initial agreement to the final documents ensuring as seamless of transaction from list to close as possible. We also utilize a showing service, Showingtime, available beyond normal business hours, to ensure that your listing never misses a showing!
  • Certified Negotiation Expert- CNE is one of the top designations in real estate. Kristen earned her CNE and has extensive knowledge of many negotiation techniques and understands the psychology of buying and the process of how people make purchase decisions. All with the intention of achieving the best outcome for you!
  • CMA- Kristen and Nick met in their previous careers as public accounts that background combined with two decades of local real estate experience, create the foundation of accuracy in our competitive market analyses or “CMAs”. Foundationally, we approach valuation like an appraiser would do, but we are not constrained by regulation that inhibits making certain subjective adjustments. We identify the most similar sales based on market knowledge. We adjust parameters for which sales we choose based on the circumstances. Sometimes we may go back further in time, sometimes we will limit the geographical scope more narrowly, or make other qualitative decisions in selecting comparable sales (“comps”). Once we select the highest quality comps (quality meaning most similar or most informing of value), we break down each sale mathematically much like an appraiser would do. Once we’ve removed furnishing value from the sales, adjusted for marginal square footage, and have established a same size comparison, we then complete more subjective adjustments. At face value some of the adjustments may sound arbitrary but it’s the experience with buyers and knowing what drives value in this market that informs our adjustments. If your home is close to a trail system for example while a comp was not in an area well served by trails, this has value and deserves to be not only added, but quantified as most prospective buyers would value this element. We will make adjustments for factors like view, age, quality of construction, floorplan, garage differences, unfinished space, proximity to amenities, finishes, and any other factors we know impacts a property’s value.
  • We then average all of the adjusted sales to come up with a suggested unfurnished value which often sets the stage for internal debate and final adjustments to the conclusion. The value yielded from this process is a guiding data point, but we then provide a narrative analysis of the market, its trends, and eventually we provide thoughts on pricing strategy. A number of factors including your own situation come into play, and we typically provide two or three pricing scenarios and describe the merits and shortcomings of each. Other components of our analysis include a high level summary of our marketing systems, fee structure, company information and if necessary additional information about our team. We deliver this analysis package via email and allow our potential listing clients the chance to read, review and then discuss the analysis with us in any level of detail you want. We’ve then provided our opinion and our clients can use this information for decision making, whether that is to move forward with listing and marketing, waiting for a more opportune time of year, or waiting for market dynamics to align.
  • Our approach is one of trying to be as accurate as absolutely possible so that our clients can make the most informed decisions about their real estate asset. Our analyses are typically 3-5 pages of narrative plus a quant matrix with our analysis math. We will not adjust our analysis or inflate our conclusion with the intention of landing a listing or provided a higher number than a competitor. This compromises our credibility, our trust from our clients, and can often result in frustration and not reaching our client’s goals for a sale. We approach property analysis as a trusted advisor with fiduciary responsibilities and have found that by advising our clients based on the knowledge we’ve gained over the years, treating you like a partner, that we will have a much higher chance of success and will achieve a higher sales price in the process.
  • When you list with Kristen L Meyer & Associates you get a custom marketing experience that focuses on your listing. This includes unique property website with custom domain name & text code, professionally quality photographs, floor plans, site plans, maps, photo books etc. We produce, edit & create all photos, video & supplemental documents used in our marketing. This affords us the flexibility to run out as soon as the alpenglow sunset lights up and get an amazing view shot from your deck! We can get those breathtaking shots that make our marketing pieces extraordinary. This is a huge advantage for you, when other companies that must hire a professional photographer only get one day to take all the photos of your home, rain, snow, clouds ideal or not. We will go take and retake photos of your home until we are both thrilled with the results!
  • These photos and video are then used to create one of a kind marketing pieces and disbursed to
  • -KristenLMeyer.com
    -Grand County MLS- syndication to ListHub Zillow/Trulia
    -ReColorado- Denver based MLS syndication to home.com & ListHub
    -Local newspaper- Sky hi daily- I have an image of a newspaper ad if you’d like
  • -YouTube 470 Iron horse
    -Custom photo books
    -Property Brochures
    -Custom property websites & unique text code – http://www.124SunsetCt.com
    -Property specific marketing pieces including: floor plan, site plan, aerial, relevant area trail maps, amenities, and anything else that makes your home unique
    -The Property Collection- https://issuu.com/kristenmeyer/docs/the_property_collection_for_issuu
  • In addition to all of the above marketing our integrated marketing plan also includes
  • -Sign riders with custom websites & text codes to capture drive bys
    -Just Listed website- captures leads online
  • Matterport 3D Tours- THE ULTIMATE ALWAYS-OPEN HOUSE- State of the art, Matterport 3D media brings listings to life with immersive experiences that are more than your traditional virtual tours. A 3D model is an online experience that lets homebuyers move through a property and see it from any angle as if they were really there. The Matterport 3D showcase is the most realistic, comprehensive way to experience a property online. We have invested in this technology and bought our own camera so it is available to us anytime. Many Buyers who look in this area come for a day and then they have to drive home. Having these tours available allows then to walk through your property over and over which maintains the emotional connection to the home they like and leads to more conversions to offers.
  • Your Property will be featured in Life in the Mountains. This is our unique, exclusive, custom designed property magazine! It is distributed throughout the county to hundreds of restaurants, merchants & hotels and can be found online. We produce this publication ourselves and so it is kept updated regularly.
  • Insiders Edge- monthly in depth market update of all new listings, everything that has sold, gone under contract and any price adjustment in the Winter Park area. You will be “in the know” with all real estate happenings in the area. Having a personal pulse on the real estate market.
  • Staging- True to Kristen’s high level of service, we go above and beyond in this department. Our goal is to make an unforgettable first impression! We believe staging is incredibly important, first impressions leave a lasting impact. We provide advice on decluttering, rearranging furniture, adding decor and we can even help choose paint colors, if necessary, to create the best first impression possible. No matter what your budget is, Kristen’s expert eye can enhance a listing without spending a dime.
  • Part of the RE/MAX International brand- Kristen L Meyer & Associates has enjoyed a successful partnership with RE/MAX Peak to Peak since 2010. RE/MAX and Kristen share a forward thinking philosophy and cutting edge business model, fostering and encouraging creativity and “outside the box” thinking to promote and market listings.
  • In the most competitive Real Estate market in history, it is critical that successful realtors find alternative, creative ways to compete and serve their clients. With RE/MAX a world-renounced brand in real estate, Kristen L Meyer & Associates is leading the way in this changing environment.

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So you have decided to sell your property. Before anything else, it is a good idea to sit down and clarify your motivations and draw up a basic time frame for the selling process.

Why Sell?

Why do you want to sell your property? Do you intend to simply find a larger property, or do you plan on moving to another neighborhood, school district, city or state? You might think your reasons are obvious, but it would do well to consider the implications of each option for your lifestyle, opportunities, and finances. Being clear about your intentions for selling will make it easier for us to determine the most appropriate option for your specified financial, lifestyle, and real estate goals.

When Should I Sell?

You should immediately establish your time frame for selling. If you need to sell quickly, we can speed up the process by giving you a complete market analysis and action plan to obtain all of your goals. If there is no pressing need to sell immediately, you can sit down with one of our expert real estate agents to thoroughly review the current market conditions and find the most favorable time to sell.

What Is The Market Like?

When you work with us, you can be sure that you will have our knowledge, expertise and negotiating skills at work for you to arrive at the best market prices and terms. We will keep you up-to-date on what is happening in the marketplace and the price, financing, terms and conditions of competing properties. With us, you will know exactly how to price and when to sell your property.

How Do I Optimize My Finances?

Deciding to sell your property demands a serious consideration of your current financial situation and future possibilities. With the help of our qualified agents, you will be able to effectively assess the cumulative impact of these changes, estimate potential proceeds of selling your property, and plan effective tax savings and estate planning strategies. We will ensure that you not only take control of your finances, but use them to their fullest potential.

Have a question? Send Kristen a Message!