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[grit] noun
Possessing indomitable spirit. Having a drive for achievement. Earning success in the trenches through hard work, passion and perseverance. 


In 2020, during an interview, one of Kristen’s clients challenged her to describe in one word what made her unique. Her answer…GRIT. She believes that without true grit, talent is nothing more than unmet potential. It is only with immense effort over many years that talent becomes an innate skill that leads to success. As a veteran Winter Park realtor, Kristen has over 23 years of experience assisting buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions. Passionate about going above and beyond, she always prioritizes completing a challenge the right way even if it is the hard way. On a daily basis, Kristen applies her technical knowledge and experience to analyze situations and provide accurate valuations. She exercises her patience and applies her often called “crazy work ethic” to help complete transactions smoothly and get deals done. Kristen loves to smile and laugh, and by keeping it real she keeps it fun!

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"We found Kristen as a result of an offer we put in where she was the seller's agent. We didn't end up with that property, but we did find an amazing real estate agent to work with going forward. Her knowledge of the community, the properties, and ..."

- Buyer

"We had an outstanding experience with Kristen and her team. Did her services meet your expectations? Her skills, experience, and keen business acumen exceeded our expectations. How easy was she to work with? Kristen was very easy and a pleasure to..."

- Alan & Linda

"I’m back in the office now and can put in writing for you a testimonial on how I believe you are the finest agent in the business. I am dumbstruck at the level of service that you performed to get this deal done. Having been in the mortgage busine..."

- David


We strive to offer the highest level of expertise & service with a true sense of integrity and authenticity. Our track record is unmatched in the area.