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Look no further than the world-class ski in ski out properties at Winter Park Resort.

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Beautiful and exciting community that offers unbelievable opportunities and year-round fun.

If you’re looking for a fantastic home in the middle of ski country, look no further than the world-class ski in ski out properties at Winter Park Resort. The luxurious homes in this one-of-a-kind community offer not only direct access to some of the best slopes in the state but also allow homeowners to enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities throughout the year.

Based in one of North America’s top ski resorts, these properties are ideally located, finished with the highest quality touches, and include luxurious amenities that are impossible to beat. Here you can wake up every morning to the most stunning mountain views in Colorado and the most exciting adventures waiting for you just outside your door.

What to Love

  • Direct access to ski slopes
  • Jaw-dropping scenery
  • Year-round fun
  • Sense of luxury that permeates the community 

People & Lifestyle

Ski in ski out properties are among the most desirable communities in the area, and ski enthusiasts, winter lovers, and adventure aficionados take advantage of the many benefits that come from living in this exclusive neighborhood. As a result, many successful young professionals, athletes, and entrepreneurs have made these homes their own. Ski in ski out properties can range in pricing, but most average a value of $850,000 and up.

Residents with homes in these areas tend to enjoy an active and lively lifestyle and take full advantage of the numerous recreational activities right outside their doors. Epic adventures await homeowners in this area, which is one of the most attractive and affluent around.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The dining scene around the ski in ski out properties can seem a bit limited due to the isolation of the properties themselves. However, the eateries available more than make up for that. 5 Mountain Tavern is certainly one of the most popular spots around. Their classic comfort food menu includes macaroni and cheese bites, drunken BBQ chicken wraps, and pork carnitas with pepper jack. 

Doc’s Roadhouse is another favorite among ski in ski out residents. Serving classic Colorado-style cuisine, their menu includes BBQ potato skins, pulled pork with whiskey BBQ sauce, and a mouthwatering cheesecake that guests absolutely adore. 

Vertical Bistro has taken locally sourced cuisine and elevated it to a completely different level. With dishes such as elk chili poutine, sweet corn ravioli, and Nashville-style hot chicken, it’s no wonder why this restaurant has been attracting more and more attention every year.

Things to Do

Ski in ski out residents can easily make their way from their bedrooms to some of the best ski grounds in the state. With over 3,000 acres of world-class terrain just outside your doorstep, you’ll feel like you’ve won the day whenever you leave your home. There’s also a plethora of other activities and opportunities to take advantage of throughout the year as well. Homeowners and guests can enjoy taking a ride up to the top of the mountain on the resort’s exclusive gondola

The Waterfall Trail at Snow Mountain Ranch is another popular activity, especially for families with younger children. Colorado’s longest Alpine slide is another family-fun adventure. The 3,000 feet of smooth track will have you feeling like you’ve wandered into the world’s most beautiful amusement park.   

The Village at Winter Park Resort is filled with a number of high-end boutiques and eateries and can be a great place to wander around and relax after a long day out hiking, skiing, or snowboarding through the mountains.


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